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Services Offered

Our office provides a wide range of services for patients and their caregivers, including:

  • Evaluation of behavioral and developmental concerns.

  • Medication management for behavioral disorders.

  • Caregiver education on diagnoses and treatment.

  • Consultation with school team members and relevant health professionals

  • Close collaboration with a network of education specialists, therapists, and education advocates.

Common referral concerns include but are not limited to:


Anxiety Disorders      Autism Spectrum Disorders      Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 


Cerebral Palsy      Cognitive Impairment      Depression      Developmental Delays


Disruptive Behavior Disorders      Down Syndrome       Enuresis/Encopresis     Genetic Disorders


Intellectual Disabilities     Learning Disorders       Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Sleep Disorders      Tic Disorders, including Tourette's Disorder


Happy Parents

“After seeing many specialists in town, Dr. Cely was the one who guided me how to help my daughter.”​


“Dr. Cely is always available to help me, she answers all my questions in a way I can understand and she is very friendly with my son.”


"Dr. Cely changed our lives for the better. Our son loves her."

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